Total Return S&P 500 CrystalBull
2019 2019 +31.31% +18.34%
2018 2018 -4.46% +0.60%
1 cycle (2007-2019) 2007-19 +148.02% +1407.16%
2 cycles (2000-2019) 2000-19 +186.28% +9602.52%
*hypothetical results based on current model
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Stock Market Timing Charts:

   CrystalBull Trading Indicator Chart
   CrystalBull Trading Indicator Historical Chart
   CrystalBull Macroeconomic Indicator Chart
   CrystalBull Trend Indicator Chart
   Relative Strength Index (RSI) Chart
   Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) Chart
   CrystalBull Calendar Chart
   Theoretically Perfect Timing Model Chart
   Personal Income Chart
   New Jobs Chart
   Job Openings Chart
   Average Hourly, Weekly Earnings Chart
   Unemployment Chart
   Consumer Sentiment Chart
   Put Call Ratio Chart
   Volatility Index (VIX) Chart
   Retail Sales, Durable Goods Orders Chart
   Business Inventories, Sales, Inventory-to-Sales Ratio Chart
   Fed Funds Chart
   Three Month CD Chart
   Ten Year Treasury Chart
   Yield Curve Chart
   Thirty Year Mortgage Chart
   TED Spread / LIBOR Chart
   M1, M2, M2 minus M1, Monetary Base Chart
   M1 Velocity of Money Chart
   M2 Velocity of Money Chart
   Real PCE Chart
   Expected (Implied) Inflation Chart
   Consumer Price Index (CPI) Chart
   Producer Price Index (PPI) Chart
   Spot Oil Price Chart
   Capacity Utilization Chart
   Industrial Production Chart
   Productivity Chart
   Unit Labor Cost Chart
   Real GDP Chart
   CrystalBull Home Sales Chart
   CrystalBull Home Price Chart
   New Home Sales Chart
   Median New Home Price Chart
   Housing Starts Chart
   CrystalBull Overbought / Oversold / Capitulation Indicator Chart
   Investor's Business Daily (IBD) Market Pulse review
   Minimum Wage vs. Youth Unemployment study
   Study of the effects of Quantitative Easing, QE1, QE2, QE3
   Repairing the Sharpe Ratio
   Optimum Stop-Loss and Position Sizing Calculator
   Replay Intraday readings of the Trading Indicator
   Individual stocks vs. the Trading Indicator
   Book Recommendations for Investing and the Stock Market

Stock Market Timing Individual Gauges:

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   CrystalBull Trading Indicator Gauge
   CrystalBull Trading Indicator Gauge (popup)
   CrystalBull Macro Indicator Gauge
   CrystalBull Trend Indicator Gauge
   Relative Strength Index (RSI) Gauge
   MACD Gauge
   CrystalBull Calendar Indicator Gauge
   Personal Income Gauge
   New Jobs Gauge
   Job Openings Gauge
   Average Hourly Earnings / Wages Gauge
   Average Weekly Earnings / Wages Gauge
   Unemployment Gauge
   University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Gauge
   Put / Call Ratio Gauge
   Volatility Index (VIX) Gauge
   Retail Sales Gauge
   Durable Goods Orders Gauge
   Business Inventories Gauge
   Inventory-to-Sales Ratio Gauge
   Fed Funds / Prime Rate Gauge
   Three Month CDs Gauge
   3 Month, 10 /30 Year Treasuries Gauge
   Yield Curve Gauge
   Thirty Year Mortgage Gauge
   TED Spread / LIBOR Gauge
   Monetary Base (M0) Gauge
   M1 Money Supply Gauge
   M2 Money Supply Gauge
   M2 minus M1 Gauge
   Real Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Gauge
   Expected (Implied) Inflation Gauge
   Consumer Price Index (CPI, y/y) Gauge
   Consumer Price Index (CPI, m/m) Gauge
   Producer Price Index (PPI, y/y) Gauge
   Producer Price Index (PPI, m/m) Gauge
   Spot Oil Price Gauge
   Capacity Utilization Gauge
   Industrial Production Gauge
   Productivity Gauge
   Unit Labor Costs Gauge
   Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Gauge
   CrystalBull Home Sales Gauge
   CrystalBull Home Price Gauge
   New Home Sales Gauge
   New Home Price Gauge
   Housing Starts Gauge


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