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2023 +177.68%*
2022 +27.14%*
2021 +431.88%*
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Job Openings vs. S&P 500 Chart

This chart shows the rate of monthly Job Openings Rate, in relation to the S&P 500.  Note the stalling of the rate of change in the Job Openings Rate before the market top.  Job Openings data may lead New Jobs data.  New Jobs data releases are highly-anticipated, and tend to move the stock market greatly.  So, Job Openings data may be useful in forecasting business conditions going forward.  This data set has a limited history, but still shows interesting trends.  Note that Job Openings started to slow long before the last recession.

** Job Openings Survey data only exist since December, 2000.  We estimate Job Openings from old data sets prior to 1981.  No data found for 1982-2000.

*** The Job Openings Gauge on the Dashboard shows the change in its 3 month moving average.