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2022 +27.14%*
2021 +431.88%*
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Capacity Utilization and Inflation Chart

This chart displays the Capacity Utilization rate and Consumer Price Index (CPI), in relation to the S&P 500.  Note the relationship between Capacity Utilization and inflation.  Capacity Utilization measures the percentage of current manufacturing output versus output at full capacity.  As Capacity Utilization approaches 100, manufacturers need to expand facilities, and may face additional costs and/or inflationary pressures.  A low Capacity Utilization signifies slow growth or recessionary times, and excess facility costs.

NOTE: The left axis is for the Capacity Utilization values. The right axis is for the Consumer Price Index (CPI), in %. So that the chart dates align properly, the right axis will disappear when the bottom chart is moused over. The white horizontal line is the 0% line for the CPI.